Memories of Maimuna and Onyeka Anyene, RIP, like

Only death would part Onyeka and Maimuna! While it is so tragic to lose them, it is beautiful and ethereal that they will never be apart. Theirs was evidently an eternal endless love.

They fought for their courtship, fought for their marriage and the love they conjured up from their dogged togetherness created such beauty, such peace and such joy around them. Their love blessed them abundantly and they blessed so many with love.

They were blessed with 4 beautiful children – Kamsi, Kayne, Kayma and Kamal (Noah) who now rest in peace with them

Rest in Perfect Peace – Mr and Mrs Onyeka Anyene and Family


We lost all of you but your memories remain etched deep in our hearts.

Fond Memories shared with and by friends, family wellwishers

Maimuna Nnaman Anyene Nee Mijindadi

July 30th 1979 – June 3rd 2012

Your smile will never be forgotten.

This is in special memory of a friend, wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunty, mentor who died along with her family on the Dana plane crash which occured on Sunday the 3rd of June 2012.

Your beauty radiated both in and out. You were very smart, generous, kind, loving, motherly, paitient, calm amongst other words.

Adieus Maimuna, Nnaman, Anyene Nee Mijindadi. You were loved and will surely be missed.

The power of a smile

She truly taught us the power of a smile. She was always smiling, even when she didn’t feel like it because her lips were already shaped inform of a smile.

Even when pain or difficulties were there,  She was always kind enough to gift a smile. She would smile and melt our hearts.

We can’t really put in words how we feel, what we know is that you had a good life.

You were blessed with wisdom.

You were blessed with a loving and caring husband.

You were blessed with four amazing children to the extent that no one would have ever dared  call you barren.

You were blessed with kindness.

You were blessed with generosity.

You were blessed with beauty.

You were blessed with an amazing family.

What else would we say we want from life?

You left us so young but you died happy (in your coast of Africa) as you put it on your last facebook message.

Now that you are gone, your journey takes a turn where we can no longer follow you. We know you will be in company of your loved ones who passed away with you in the bosom of God.

Now we are left here only with her legacy.

It’s not the time to stop. It’s the time to keep moving and fighting. It’s the time to keep teaching the same thing that she taught us without words to share the gift of a SMILE.

Rest in peace our dear Friend, Mother, Wife, Aunty, Daughter, Sister.

Life is an unanswered question, but let’s still believe in the dignity and importance of that question. ~ Tennessee Williams

Fond Memories shared with and by friends, family wellwishers

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